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Over DutchRP

New Life Roleplay is a roleplaying server where you act out the life of the character you have made.
Server is currently in BETA, but we’re working hard to make it.
We’re investing as much effort as possible to succeed and become another Roleplay server, where you will be able to relax, have fun, enjoy and where you will find more friends – I don’t have any doubts about that since we’re nice friendly community!

Server Features
We have some features that are worth to be mentioned and might attract you, and I give you my word that we’re doing our best to expend that list on few pages 😉

Easy Script
House system
Factions with their own HQ and skins
Weapon restrictions (to keep deathmatch low)
Constant updates
Much more…

Server Jobs
You gotta start somehow and earn some money, for car, house, food, gas or even a gun? So we’re offering you plenty of jobs to help you out with earning the money and to start your New Life!

Los Santos Security Officer
News Reporter
Taxi Driver
Car Mechanic

Server Factions
Are there any leadership skills in you? We have still few factions that are going to be open at, so if you think you’re capable to lead one of the factions writen below, I suggest you to not hesitate anymore!

The End (You should read)
So if you’re looking for new server where you can build totally new life then you’re more then welcome at our server,
I would like to ask you to spend just few minutes of your life to connect, to actually see the script, to see what we’re offering you, thanks for reading and new life is waiting on you!